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Amazing Video Stories Raising awareness of technology solutions positively impacting all walks of life​ The challenge When you are a global leading provider of cutting-edge, ‘behind the scenes’ technologies the challenge is to raise awareness of how instrumental your solutions are in relevant and meaningful ways. That Media Thing drew upon its extensive journalistic experience […]

Ping Coombes Video Promo Shorts

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Ping Coombes Video Promo Shorts Capturing the warmth and passion of an innovative MasterChef Winner The challenge Ping wanted her viewers to feel the true essence of what it is like to experience her Makan Supper Clubs, or to cook with her recipes. Given Ping’s highly personable approach to everything she does, we needed to […]

Brandstand Photography

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Brandstand Photography Beautiful images shot on location in a contemporary hotel brought the products to life The challenge Brandstand tasked us with portraying its hospitality technology products in ways that placed them at the heart of the guest room experience. We needed a location that helped elevate the stylish designs, with set-ups designed to bring […]

Amazing Video Gaming Stories

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Amazing Video Gaming Stories​ Connecting with the gaming community through authentic and entertaining storytelling The challenge That Media Thing was tasked with promoting awareness of and driving technology choices from the gaming community. We took on this most discerning of audiences on its own terms, delivering emotive stories that truly connected. Share this case study Technology has […]

Why you need to create engaging video

Share this post When it comes to content, video is king as more and more people are watching them. On the whole this is on mobile devices, so those videos need to be optimised for sharing to help viewers and their peer groups feel as though they are part of a community. It’s why you […]