Amazing Video Gaming Stories​

Connecting with the gaming community through authentic and entertaining storytelling

The challenge

That Media Thing was tasked with promoting awareness of and driving technology choices from the gaming community. We took on this most discerning of audiences on its own terms, delivering emotive stories that truly connected.

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Technology has obviously played a significant role in video gaming, both in the gaming systems as well as behind the scenes. To promote awareness of and drive technology choices from the gaming community we needed to tell authentic and entertaining stories that connected on an emotive level. 

That Media Thing drew upon its extensive journalistic experience to create Amazing Video Gaming Stories, delivered by professional gamers and influencers that connected with the gaming community both credibly and with sometimes nerdy authority. 

As part of full Content Marketing campaigns, the video stories were hosted as web site landing pages promoted via Social Media Marketing, with snippets of each video used to create rich and engaging promo assets. The entertaining fashion in which these stories were told, presented by credible ambassadors for the incredible enabling technologies at the heart of each story, drove authentic and lasting connections with the gaming community.

One client said: "That Media Thing understands our company and its products intimately, delivering journalistic integrity and skilfully combining modern marketing tools to the benefit of our strategic approach for audience engagement through storytelling. Love the way that our products are clearly integrated into the story…. GREAT storytelling and insights… love it"

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