Amazing Video Stories

Raising awareness of technology solutions positively impacting all walks of life​

The challenge

When you are a global leading provider of cutting-edge, ‘behind the scenes’ technologies the challenge is to raise awareness of how instrumental your solutions are in relevant and meaningful ways. That Media Thing drew upon its extensive journalistic experience to create video stories that resonated on a human-interest level.

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Technology plays a significant role in modern society, with its application and impact seen all around us. But it’s the technologies under the hood that are often instrumental in delivering the most innovative real world solutions. To raise awareness of big data analytics, cloud technologies and the Internet of Things, we told the Amazing Video Stories of companies solving modern challenges in new and inventive ways, demonstrating the potential for these cutting-edge technologies to positively impact all walks of life.

On camera spokespeople from the likes of the RSPB, Hermes, Hiscox, The Natural History Museum, Starling Bank and many more were presented as credible ambassadors for the incredible enabling technologies at the heart of each story. As part of full Content Marketing campaigns, the video stories were hosted as web site landing pages promoted via Social Media Marketing, with snippets of each video used to create rich and engaging promo assets.

The entertaining and engaging fashion in which these stories were told connected with business decision makers across diverse sectors. The video stories That Media Thing created targeted a number of sectors including sport, agriculture, medical, environmental, financial, manufacturing, city planning and many more, where the common theme was that their businesses could not thrive without the enabling technologies driving them forward.

One client said: "Winner of an internal sales and marketing award, That Media Thing’s content, and skill with storytelling, has helped us exceed our targets in record time, with this campaign seen as ‘Best Known Method’ by our digital and global teams. Since engaging That Media Thing’s services, we have seen significant increases in target audience engagement, including average time on site and social actions. This uniquely qualified agency not only understands our company and its products intimately, but it also delivers journalistic integrity, skilfully combining modern marketing tools to the benefit of our strategic approach for audience engagement through storytelling."

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