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insightsoftware PDF Resources Genuinely useful and expertly informed content helped capture high-quality leads The challenge insightsoftware tasked That Media Thing with creating highly-specialised content to help drive product consideration and capture emails as prospective leads. Share this case study Nurturing the target business communities with a regular cadence of authentic storytelling helped drive greater engagement […]

Superfast Business Wales PDF Documents

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Superfast Business Wales PDF Resource Software Essentials provided trusted, expert advice for Welsh businesses The challenge Typically, government documentation can feel very safe and dry. Our task was to create a fresh, dynamic and easily digestible resource that was genuinely useful for its intended recipients. Share this case study Serco had an ambitious plan to […]

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Imagen PDF Resources Highly resourceful gated content was designed to target audience needs and generate leads The challenge Imagen’s full-featured content marketing programme required an end of funnel goal designed to generate leads. That Media Thing was tasked with producing email gated content to target prospective customers across multiple channels. Share this case study That […]

Why your website needs good gated content

Share this post If you’re going to host gated content on your website (e.g. information that you supply via an email registration), you need to make sure it’s worth gating. One of the key aspects of good content marketing is creating useful, valuable and freely available content that shows off your knowledge and expertise. However, […]