Imagen PDF Resources

Highly resourceful gated content was designed to target audience needs and generate leads

The challenge

Imagen’s full-featured content marketing programme required an end of funnel goal designed to generate leads. That Media Thing was tasked with producing email gated content to target prospective customers across multiple channels.

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That Media Thing has produced a variety of fully-designed, print-quality content for Imagen, packaged up in a downloadable PDF format. These have included a variety of educational infographics, as well as more in-depth whitepapers and brand-championing product brochures. 

PDF resources such as these are an effective way to dig deeper into a subject and demonstrate expertise. Strategically, they work best as bottom-of-the funnel email gated resources as part of a fuller Content Marketing program,  that can be accessed in exchange for an email address. Whitepapers, reports, surveys and case studies don’t just deepen the relationship with a prospective customer. When done right, they deliver extra value and can give an undecided prospect that all-important nudge.

"That Media Thing helped translate the features and benefits of our platform into compelling arguments that made potential customers sit up and listen. The end point for this campaign was to funnel an engaged audience to email gated assets, which ultimately gave us richly qualified leads."

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