Ian Robson

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Why paid distribution requires top quality content in order to succeed

While we cannot ignore good SEO techniques woven through all our created digital content, the truth is that SEO driving organic growth is fast becoming a small part of overall audience growth.

Paid for content distribution is now a high percentage of content marketing success for both brands and media sites alike.

But let’s not forget that users still have a choice of whether to click on your content referral ad box or other mechanisms and, once they’ve landed on your content, they could very quickly bounce if your content is not up to scratch.

Take another look at those Google Analytics figures and take pride in average article dwell time approaching 2 mins or more. It’s not so bad that 80-90% of your audience has discovered your content via paid distribution if they then stay and read it!


Once [your audience has] landed on your content, they could very quickly bounce if your content is not up to scratch.

And more importantly, stop obsessing about bounce rates – especially if you’ve no CTA or contextual strategy to encourage your audience to stop and look around your site for a while.

The bulk of your users have probably landed on the article they intended to read, and having read it, they’ve left satisfied and possibly have no more time at that moment to take in the other things you have to offer.

Freedom of choice

Having provided content satisfaction with no strings attached can very often lead to multiple repeat engagements, especially if your brand content channel is starting to appear regularly in the social feeds of the users’ peer groups that you’re aiming to attract.

Those links that appear in social timelines, whether paid to be there or not, are valuable identifiers of quality content that a user may have come across before. So be sure to give them every opportunity to recognise the origin of the content they may choose to click on, to help drive up your repeat visits.

It’s still true of most marketing that ultimately drives sales that customers typically need to be successfully engaged by a brand between 10-15 times before they become a paid-up customer. But there are ways to drive this number down and speed things up!

A well-informed audience affinity ensures that those content engagements hit their mark.

That Media Thing
takes what it learns from its audience discovery phase to create highly targeted paid distribution.

This highly focused approach creates multiple engagements, and coupled with a well-informed audience affinity, ensures those content engagements hit their mark.

The aim is to not only drive down the number of those brand engagements but to also reduce the time-frame in which a potential customer is on board with the brand.

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