VIA Article Creation

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VIA Article Creation To inspire and engage with a fresh audience of potential customers for VIA’s high-tech solutions The challenge That Media Thing was tasked with delivering a cohesive content marketing plan designed to build initial Awareness and drive Consideration of VIA’s product solutions to its key target audiences. This required strategic Content with Purpose! […]

ASUS Article Creation

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ASUS Article Creation Raising awareness of ASUS’ B2B products through resourceful content The challenge Already a well-known and respected manufacturer in B2C markets, ASUS wanted to improve brand awareness and drive lead generation for its wide range of B2B products. This began with a focus on ASUS large format displays and digital signage solutions, but […]

The 4 things that will ensure your content marketing strategy works

Share this post The best journalists know what readers want to read before they write it, but even they shouldn’t create their content in a vacuum. The same is true for your content marketing strategy. I’m sure you don’t believe that when the greatest journalists that ever lived put pen to paper, they only ever […]

Must TV Article Creation

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Must TV Article Creation Creating optimised content for Must TV to strengthen SEO and social media campaign performance The challenge Must TV tasked That Media Thing with improving its core content pages to keep visitors engaged for longer with more meaningful interactions. Ultimately, we needed to encourage them to learn more about what the platform […]

Don’t be a robot – how to create engaging content that has a purpose

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Share this post If there’s one thing I can’t stand in content publishing today, it’s robotic writers driven by robotic editors beholden to robotic publishers and senior managers. However, add a dash of good ol’ fashioned analogue thinking to your audience data sets and you could create a powerful, uniquely informed and potentially unbeatable engagement […]

insightsoftware Article Creation

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insightsoftware Article Creation Expertly informed authentic storytelling created meaningful connections with enterprise BDMs The challenge insightsoftware tasked That Media Thing with creating highly-specialised content to build credible connections with potential customers. Share this case study That Media Thing drew upon its extensive experience with financial services clients and its subject expert journalists to take on […]

Why paid distribution requires top quality content in order to succeed

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Share this post While we cannot ignore good SEO techniques woven through all our created digital content, the truth is that SEO driving organic growth is fast becoming a small part of overall audience growth. Paid for content distribution is now a high percentage of content marketing success for both brands and media sites alike. […]

Imagen Article Creation

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Imagen Article Creation Connecting with new customers via expert content to drive brand and product awareness The challenge Imagen tasked That Media Thing with building and growing awareness and consideration of Imagen products/features to key target B2B audiences through an SEO-optimised content campaign Share this case study All of the content TMT creates has a […]

You don’t just need content, you need content with a purpose

Share this post When it comes to content marketing, unsurprisingly, we are huge advocates. However, we caveat that statement by saying that you shouldn’t just create content for content’s sake – it must have a purpose.  Content being used for marketing purposes is nothing new, and we’re certain that you have engaged in this activity […]

Brandstand Article Creation

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Brandstand Article Creation Increasing brand awareness and engaging with European hotel chains using targeted content The challenge Brandstand’s innovative approach to in-room technology products, designed to enhance the guest experience, has proven a hit with the USA hotel and hospitality industry. That Media Thing was engaged to help Brandstand connect and engage with new audiences […]