Content Marketing

Powerful storytelling demands attention and drives positive actions

The challenge

Driving an authentic need for products or services relies on translating features and benefits into real-world applications. Your target customers need to know that their world will be better off for having you in it. Understanding their needs and wants, as well as where and how they communicate, is key to successfully engaging with them. 

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Whether it’s consumer or business marketing, That Media Thing’s skills at storytelling help our clients engage effectively with the most discerning of audiences. To help raise awareness of our clients’ products, drive consideration and deliver leads, we tell the Amazing Stories of people using the products to deliver real-world impacting solutions.

We engage subject-expert journalists to create authoritative articles and also produce high-impact videos, using expert spokespeople presented as credible ambassadors for the incredible product solutions at the heart of each story. Over the years we have interviewed expert spokespeople such as the RSPB, Hermes, Hiscox and the Natural History Museum, as well as influencers including gaming professionals and MasterChef Winners.

The entertaining and engaging fashion in which That Media Thing’s stories are told, powers meaningful and emotive connections with decision makers. This starts with the Smart Audience Targeting that powers our Social Media Marketing and Paid Search Marketing, driving prospects to our engaging Articles, Infographics and Videos, and finally nurturing them to connect with our clients, whether via email gated PDF Resources, or other web site conversion pages.

See examples of how TMT has delivered Content Marketing success for a range of clients, including ASUS, Brandstand, Honda, Imagen, insightsoftware, and VIA.

"That Media Thing's content marketing strategy combined with skilled social media management enabled ASUS to engage with a highly-targeted audience in a positive way, generating awareness of ASUS business products and increasing our brand perception in a way we could not have achieved through traditional marketing solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending this uniquely qualified and creative agency."

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