ASUS Newsletters

Gathering customer data and taking the sales dialogue to a more personal level

The challenge

To nurture a sustained dialogue and create a positive association between readers and ASUS, showing it as a truly innovative technology brand.

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That Media Thing provided a multi-level content marketing approach that included a branded microsite, regularly scheduled website content, social media marketing promotion and a rich media newsletter.

Providing a newsletter is an ideal way to (a) capture email addresses of potential prospects, and (b) talk directly to and nurture those prospects. For ASUS, the regular newsletters were a powerful tool to drive wider product awareness, increase community growth and funnel traffic to the ASUS Business Hub website That Media Thing created.

"That Media Thing enabled ASUS to engage with a highly-targeted audience in a positive way, generating awareness of ASUS business products and increasing our brand perception. I would have no hesitation in recommending this uniquely qualified and creative agency."

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