Laurie Wood

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What are the best times to post on social media?

When is the best time to share your content with the world? The general rule of thumb is that you should post your content when the majority of your followers are online (or in this case, live on social media). We can gauge a rough idea of the most popular times in 2021 thanks to Oberlo.

It’s good to note, however, that the days and times suggested below are just an average. For more accurate results, you should check your brand’s analytics.

The best time to post on Facebook

Maximise your exposure on Facebook during these times:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1pm – 4pm

According to Oberlo, weekends receive the highest level of engagement.

Users tend to browse Facebook during lunch breaks to pass the time, but they also enjoy a scroll on the weekends. Facebook has a big focus on connecting with friends and family and it is still the go-to platform to update your loved ones with personal news or events.

The best time to post on Twitter

Maximise your exposure on Twitter during these times:

  • Monday – Friday between 12pm – 1pm

According to Oberlo, weekdays receive the highest level of engagement.

Twitter is a fast-paced platform with the average lifespan of a tweet deemed to be 15-20 minutes. With such a small lifespan, you need to gain maximum exposure. So, posting more frequently is advised.

The best time to post on Instagram

Maximise your exposure on Instagram during these times:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between either 11am – 1pm or 7pm – 9pm

According to Oberlo, Wednesdays receive the highest level of engagement.

Instagram is primarily used via a mobile device, which a lot of users are unable to use during work hours. This might be why ‘just before lunch’ and ‘in the evening’ (e.g. after work) are the most active times on the platform. It’s also effective to take advantage of Instagram Stories, which has 500 million people actively browsing every day.


The best time to post on LinkedIn

Maximise your exposure on LinkedIn during these times:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10am – 11am

According to Oberlo, weekday mornings receive the highest level of engagement.

LinkedIn is the only platform that has a primary B2B audience, which might explain why the most popular days and times to post on the platform are during work hours.

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