Skilled Social Media

That Media Thing has mastered the art of creating authentic and credible social media channels for brands, based on an honest appreciation of the needs of the most passionate and influential followers.

We build earned amplification through social media into all our content marketing strategies, forming an essential two-way dialogue between our clients and their potential customers.

Most marketing campaigns are solely driven by product messaging – whereas we focus on building audience engagement by enabling brands to say something insightful within their sector. This honest connection with an audience then leads a significant proportion to turn their attention towards the product and services on offer.

Clients like that we’re different

"As a new player in the digital signage market, one of the challenges that ASUS faced was to build credibility and trust with a fresh audience and market sector. That Media Thing was able to deliver on this objective by employing its specialist content marketing approach to create an online business portal devoted to digital signage called Display Insights, hosted at

"Through the Display Insights platform we were able to reach small to mid-sized UK businesses with a wide gamut of requirements and inform them as to how signage could benefit their business, and importantly how ASUS signage products would fulfil their needs. A key component of this success was a cleverly-managed, integrated social media strategy that not only grew traffic to the site but, more importantly, delivered engagement with the site content.

"Overall, the content marketing strategy combined with skilled social media management enabled ASUS to engage with a highly-targeted audience in a positive way, generating awareness of ASUS signage products and increasing our brand perception in a way we could not have achieved through traditional marketing solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending this uniquely qualified and creative agency."

Gareth Ogden - ASUS Marketing Manager

The client


The goal

Improve industry profile and lead generation for ASUS’ range of large format displays

Monthly Tweet impressions


Monthly Twitter followers

UP 90%

Weekly site traffic

UP 18%

The solution

That Media Thing started this project by creating a database of, and listening to, the UK’s most prolific digital signage users. Using this information we were able to compile a highly detailed report of the targets who would be most interested in ASUS’s specific range of large format displays.

We then launched Display Insights as a media channel on, as well as a dedicated Twitter profile of expertly curated content from influential sources. The content strategy for both was to inform and inspire business decision makers with new innovative ways in which digital signage could positively impact their businesses.

The @DisplayInsights Twitter account now has a highly pertinent and engaged following that grows, organically, at a rate of almost 90% per month. Our specific UK reach via this influential peer group was over 225k followers by the end of February 2016, with our Tweets earning approx. 400K impressions per month. This all contributed to a consistent growth in highly targeted traffic to the site by an average of 18% per week.

By creating the Display Insights website and populating it with engaging and relevant content, tied in with a social media strategy, we helped ASUS break into the UK digital signage market