Web Design

High-engagement, responsive designs to nurture your potential customers

The challenge

Your website is your customer connection when you can’t be. It should identify who you are, and nurture a relationship on your behalf – so you’ll need more than just a slick design with fancy transitions! 

Telesoft Web Design in-line 2

That Media Thing begins all its website design projects by first gaining a thorough understanding of who the client is looking to connect with and what do they want that audience to do. This enables us to design a website experience that starts customer pathways off on the right footing. 

As with Telesoft’s web design project, the discovery process for all our clients highlights the best web platform for developing the required functionality, whether that be WordPress, Squarespace or the client’s choice of CMS. We always design responsively with a mobile-first preference, ensuring the best customer user experience whatever their viewing device.

It’s imperative that our clients are able to see our vision for their web site early on, so that there are no surprises down the line, with ‘working wireframes’ used as interactive presentations. Once the vision is signed off, we will then handle the full migration and update SEO and other content optimisations as part of the full services offering.   

"Throughout the project the team helped collate our ideas into a working structure that met our objectives and incorporated That Media Thing’s years of expertise in web design best practice."

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