Smart Audience Targeting

Influencing the right decision-makers delivers greater return on investment

The challenge

Understanding what motivates target industry decision-makers is key to forming high-intent audiences that deliver high-quality leads. 

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Content published on client websites is essential for building high-intent social media audiences. Through the analysis of their actions, we can qualify their interests in the client’s products and solutions.

Remarketing via Social Media Marketing and Reach Awareness Videos to qualified audiences, results in better informed narratives that better connect and resonate with the identified narrow audiences. This results in higher clickthrough rates from far less spend, with the higher-quality of the leads generated resulting in a higher percentage of people actually performing the actions they have signed up for, e.g. attending a webinar or downloading and running a software demo

This version of Intent Marketing, underpinned by Smart Audience Targeting, has been the key to our successful results-oriented delivery of Content Marketing Campaigns for clients as diverse as Brandstand, insightsoftware, Must TV and RCS Sound Software.

"That Media Thing's reliance on data and intelligent analysis of the audience engagement provided us with confidence that these guys knew exactly what they were doing."

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