Reach Awareness ​Videos

Building and qualifying high-intent audiences

The challenge

There are various ways of reaching and connecting with your target audience. But how do you know they’re the right audience? How do you know they’re genuinely interested in what you’ve got to say? More importantly, how do you reach that audience quickly and cost-effectively?

With That Media Thing’s Smart Audience Targeting, we can tune into the most highly motivated sub-set of an audience and drive action from them. We do this through LinkedIn ‘Reach Awareness’ Videos, where views of our strategically produced video assets engage, qualify and nurture high-quality, high-intent remarketing audiences. 

Reach Awareness Videos deliver multiple promotional narratives as defined by our subject expert-driven audience research and segmentation work, tapping into audience pain points and buying triggers. When a cold prospect watches a qualifying percentage of our video, they are added to a remarketing audience and subsequently ‘warmed up’ through TMT’s highly effective and cost-efficient Paid Media Marketing activity.

Reach Awareness Videos, such as this one (above) produced for Imagen, use laser targeted narratives to connect and nurture the best possible prospects.

A Reach Awareness Video is the first step on the path to targeting and qualifying a higher percentage of truly interested potential customers – quality over quantity, no time wasters. It’s an approach that has already created meaningful customer connections for many of our clients including Imagen, RCS Sound Software, and Must TV.

To see how Reach Awareness Videos can improve the quality of your leads and even drive down Costs Per Lead, talk to us

"That Media Thing ran a highly efficient paid social media marketing campaign, laser-targeting the audiences that mattered most."

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