PDF Resources

Acquire qualified leads in exchange for something useful

The challenge

Building authentic connections with potential customers needs creative expert communications that both entertain and inform. Whether it’s an email-gated asset or a sales brochure, the intended result is to generate qualified customer leads.  

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An email-gated PDF Resource is asking a heck of a lot from your potential customers – not only are they required to give you their email address in return for the download, you also want them to ‘opt-in’ to your marketing funnel, and respond positively when you reach out to them via that email! 

That Media Thing builds email-gated PDF Resources into all its Content Marketing Campaigns as we believe these are the most effective tools for generating qualified sales leads. Whether it’s a technical white paper or an essential solution briefing, our subject experts pitch the content to your target audience level, engaging their trust and attention across every page. Our journalist authored words are packaged within slick designs, littered with bespoke illustrations and infographics that translate more detailed or complex information into easily snackable formats.

High-intent audiences are driven via Social Media Marketing powered by TMT’s Smart Audience Targeting promoting insightful website articles connecting them to essential PDF Resources, with a developing customer narrative at every step. This approach has created meaningful customer connections for our clients including Business Wales, Imagen and insightsoftware.

"The end point for this campaign was to funnel an engaged audience to email gated assets, which ultimately gave us richly qualified leads. TMT are great to work with. They are fast and responsive, at times challenging our own assumptions, as well as presenting qualified arguments for trying new and innovative approaches that have delivered measurable results."

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