Email Marketing

Regularly nurture your customer community with relevant, entertaining and genuinely useful content

The challenge

Email marketing may be enjoying a resurgence in popularity, but it still faces the age old challenges of grabbing instant and relevant attention, to nurture and grow their target audience and to drive intended actions.  

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Email marketing has evolved massively in recent years, with enhanced data protection laws forcing marketeers to up their game in terms of producing email content that recipients genuinely want to receive. That Media Thing rises to the challenge producing subject-expert communications that entertain and inform, delivered with intuitive designs that engage readers to take action.

The end goal for most of TMT’s Social Media Marketing and Paid Search Marketing campaigns is to acquire an email address from prospective customers we have found via our Smart Audience Targeting. TMT’s email marketing is designed to take these leads, nurture them with increased brand and product awareness, and ultimately drive purchase decisions. 

Some of the unique features TMT leverages to great effect with its email marketing includes personalisation that helps our clients connect with their community followers in a more relatable fashion. Coupled with TMT’s strategic audience segmentation we can also create custom content based on whatever stage a lead is in the sales funnel.

Given the vast majority of people regularly check emails on their mobile phones, you can now ensure that your potential customers don’t miss out on any important message you wish to send. That Media Thing has delivered a range of email marketing services to clients across Technology, Financial and Entertainment sectors, including ASUS and Imagen.

TMT are great to work with. They are fast and responsive, at times challenging our own assumptions, as well as presenting qualified arguments for trying new and innovative approaches that have delivered measurable results. The end point for our campaign was to funnel an engaged audience to email gated assets, which ultimately gave us richly qualified leads."

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