High-impact creatives deliver complex messages with ease

The challenge

It’s true – a picture is worth a thousand words! But better than that is an infographic that entertains your audience while delivering an engaging and memorable marketing narrative.

Infographics in-line 2

The Picture Superiority Effect has proven that images are more quickly recalled and have a far longer lasting impact than words alone. And a well-designed infographic takes this a step further, translating sometimes large amounts of detail with a great story in an easy and snackable format.

All That Media Thing’s infographics are fully designed and illustrated from scratch, providing our clients with bespoke marketing assets while also adhering to brand guidelines. We can source information, or work with provided data, editorialising either approach into a visually appealing and high-impact dialogue with your audience.

For maximum return on your investment we also ensure that all infographics format for multiple uses, whether as a web page, a downloadable email gated PDF Resource, or even in digestible chunks for use in Social Media Marketing channels. 

The diversity of designs and multitudes of different uses can be seen across almost all our client work, including BrandstandImagen, insightsoftware and VIA.

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