Design & Illustration

High-impact creatives that engage and excite

The challenge

The art and science of audience engagement begins with great design, framing your communication for the most effective delivery. The discipline behind illustrative elements is to add flourishes that enhance the narrative in a meaningful fashion.  

Design & Illustration in-line 2

That Media Thing has a multi-style team in place that can deliver innovative designs and creatives to suit your brand identity. Our clients have benefitted from a wide range of coordinated offerings, including technical illustrations enhancing PDF Resources, injections of personality for Social Media Marketing, and Infographic compositions delivering  complex messages with ease. 

Whether promoting an event, product, article, newsletter sign-up, or any other desired action, we also create cross-platform static or moving image advertising creatives that start your customer journeys on the best footing. You can also be assured that we keep fully abreast of best practice and industry guidelines, so that your campaigns always hit their mark.

We strive to create illustrations that feel both fresh and are in keeping with your wider business feel. See examples of how TMT has delivered Design & Illustration in support of successful marketing campaigns for a range of clients, including Brandstand, Imagen, and Telesoft Technologies.

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