Article Creation

Engaging potential customers with story-telling authored by journalists

The challenge

Delivering content that truly resonates and engages your target audience requires both expert and passionate authority – this requires more than just an ability to research and write well. 

That Media Thing only uses professional journalists who are actively writing for media publications in the subject areas relevant to our client’s market sectors. Target persona research and social media listening will always inform our client content, and added to this are the unique insights and authentic affinity that a subject specialist’s years of experience brings.

All our content is designed to relate to client’s products, whether we’re delivering expert opinion, discussing topical industry talking points or demonstrating innovative industry solutions. We endeavour to inform and entertain, building authentic connections that drives potential customers to want to know more about your brand and its products.

Promoting the content with informed narratives via Social Media Marketing creates the initial engagement. We then nurture your target audience through contextual call to actions, whether it be a software demo, webinar sign-up or email gated PDF resources – driving the results that matter for clients including Brandstand, Imagen, insightsoftware, and Must TV.

"That Media Thing helped translate the features and benefits of our platform into compelling arguments that made potential customers sit up and listen. We needed exceptional content, coupled with technical know-how, to ensure our expertise and authority came across and we engaged with our target audience in response to their needs."

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