Animation & ​Motion Graphics

Enhanced video creatives deliver complex messages with ease

The challenge

Whether it’s complex, dry or just a lot of information, an animation can both entertain and educate your audience. While the innovative use of motion graphics over live action footage provides a heightened level of engagement at essential moments in the dialogue.

Animation & Motion in-line 2

Whether longform website hosted, or for use as a short clip in your  Social Media Marketing, the best videos will command intrigue and interest from even the most discerning viewer, leading them to dive deeper into a relationship with your brand. Our Animation and Motion Graphics services can help you convey complex and abstract information or even enhance video footage that has already been captured.

Our full animation service runs from designing your bespoke on-brand style and approach, through scripting and storyboarding, to the final animation and titling. We can also provide bespoke music befitting the tone of the story-telling, as well as voice artist narration to pull the audience into the dialogue further.

Motion graphics can be used to add extra depth and draw attention to specific points within the main story-telling essential for your communication goals, as with our Must TV Social Media Marketing. Or they can add flourishes and detail to more complex videos as conveyed with some of our Amazing Video Gaming Stories.

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