VIA Social Media Marketing

Smart targeting delivered high-quality engagement with global industry decision-makers

The challenge

VIA needed to engage with a highly knowledgeable specialist audience to raise awareness of its facial recognition technology and the business solutions it could deliver. Our challenge was to target and connect effectively with senior decision-makers from diverse market sectors with a narrative that positioned VIA as an authoritative company worth paying attention to.

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VIA Technologies is a global technology solutions company operating across many industry sectors, and its facial recognition products needed to find a voice that would resonate. The target audience are often time starved and highly demanding with complex needs. Understanding what motivates them when considering technology partners was key to targeting high-intent narrow audiences so that we could drive high-quality traffic to VIA’s website.  

Our Audience Research and Segmentation work enabled us to gain a deep understanding of VIA’s highly specialised audiences, based on their needs and interests. This informed our strategic approach to the Content Marketing narrative, with Articles and Infographics promoted via social media assets designed to grab attention and spark healthy discussions among the desired customer community.

Our highly-efficient social media campaign connected leverage our Smart Audience Targeting to ensure that content promoted hit its mark driving high-quality audience traffic VIA’s website, with contextual links embedded in the content driving the audience into deeper engagement via key product landing pages.

"That Media Thing's ability to position VIA at the heart of business community conversations increased global engagement with our target audience. We especially appreciated their passion for working in close alignment with our long-term goals, offering valuable insights and strategic guidance acting as a natural extension of our own marketing team."

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