VIA Infographics

Don't tell people how technology works. Show them.

The challenge

VIA wanted a way to clearly and concisely explain how its smart facial recognition system works, providing an alternative product entry point alongside more in-depth website articles and case studies.

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Infographics are an ideal delivery system for statistics, numbers, and figures. But they are also a great way of explaining the functions of a complex technology, like facial recognition. Rather than presenting the reader with a product spec list or blocks of explainer text, an infographic can quickly, clearly and concisely communicate what a product does, how it works, who it is for and where the reader can find more information.

Used as part of a wider Content Marketing Campaign, an infographic is a key part of the content arsenal. It can demystify jargon, simplify complex concepts and give statistics much needed context. Ultimately, a good infographic gives you another way of telling your story, using a fresh perspective and a creative energy that other content formats can’t match.

"That Media Thing's ability to position VIA at the heart of business community conversations, tackling topical talking points with authority and expert storytelling, increased global engagement with our target audience. We especially appreciated their passion for working in close alignment with our long-term goals, offering valuable insights and strategic guidance acting as a natural extension of our own marketing team."

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