VIA Article Creation

To inspire and engage with a fresh audience of potential customers for VIA’s high-tech solutions

The challenge

That Media Thing was tasked with delivering a cohesive content marketing plan designed to build initial Awareness and drive Consideration of VIA’s product solutions to its key target audiences. This required strategic Content with Purpose!

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Despite the popularity of video, written content (blogs, feature articles, infographics, etc) remains one of the most powerful ways to connect and engage with an audience. Written content is the ideal delivery mechanism for promoting products and services to VIA’s target markets, increasing audience engagement while building a brand personality and showcasing the company’s thought leadership and expertise.

To this end, TMT delivered a series of expertly authored articles as part of a full content marketing program. Identified target audience benefits were woven into each article published, creating multiple entry points to align with the accompanying social media promotional campaign across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This element is crucial, as multiple promotional assets are used to highlight these entry points, casting a wider net at the top of the marketing funnel that is an inherent part of TMT’s Smart Audience Targeting system.

The content is designed to drive prospective customers from initial Awareness through to product Consideration. Smart Audience Targeting comes into play by making target audiences aware of the content and connecting them to it in a way that can be tracked and measured. After all, great content can’t be effective if nobody sees it. Great promotion can’t be effective if the content isn’t engaging or relevant to the needs or struggles of the audience.

"That Media Thing's ability to position VIA at the heart of business community conversations, tackling topical talking points with authority and expert storytelling, increased global engagement with our target audience."

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