Telesoft Web Design

A contemporary new look that resonates with global industry leaders

The challenge

Telesoft Technologies is an industry-leading cyber security company built and run by experts in their field. But until recently their web presence did not fully reflect this so Telesoft asked us to deliver a contemporary overhaul to differentiate them in the market.

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That Media Thing’s extensive history in the technology sector, as well as an inherent understanding of Telesoft Technology’s business, perfectly positioned us to help Telesoft deliver a flexible new web experience for both internal and external users.

We know how important great content marketing can be in cutting through a crowded marketplace, to engage high-intent audiences. Because of this we put the visibility of Telesoft’s authority and expertise through its content front and centre. Whether that was with the visual carousel on the homepage shouting about important topics to Telesoft, or the new ‘Nucleus’ hub which houses everything from thought pieces to AMA videos. 

Couple the promotion of authoritative content with a user experience that is mobile-first and you have a website that is befitting of a company that is on the cutting edge of what technology can offer us.

"That Media Thing delivered a contemporary new website, driven by content and built to drive conversions. TMT built the site with a view to empowering our internal team, giving us the ability to manage, maintain and evolve the website over time as our wants and needs change."

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