RCS Sound Software​ Social Media Marketing

Engaging with decision-makers across the global radio industry community

The challenge

To promote and grow radio industry community engagement for RCS Sound Software by aligning the needs and interests of its potential customers with its products.

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RCS Sound Software Social Media Marketing in-line 2

RCS Sound Software is the world’s largest Radio Broadcast Software Company with products in more than 15,000 radio stations, TV music channels, cable companies, satellite music networks and internet stations worldwide. 

To promote its products further, That Media Thing’s approach was to drive a high-intent and relevant radio community audience to RCS Sound Software’s website. Through our Smart Audience Targeting, That Media Thing carefully curated social media audiences that we knew would resonate well with our key messaging. 

Promotional assets coupled with contemporary narratives nurtured a sustained flow of high-quality audience traffic to RCS Sound Software’s website with true interest for its products and services.

"The passionate project team at That Media Thing are a pleasure to work with, always going the extra mile to deliver meaningful results. That Media Thing ran a highly efficient paid social media marketing campaign, laser-targeting the audiences that mattered most. This resulted in a high-percentage of click throughs to destination pages, subsequently delivering solid and measurable returns on our investment."

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