RCS Sound Software Smart Audience Targeting

Efficiently targeting decision-makers across the global radio community

The challenge

Understanding what motivates decision-makers across the global radio industry was key to driving high-intent audience traffic to RCS Sound Software’s website with true interest for its products and services.

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RCS Sound Software Smart Audience Targeting in-line 2

That Media Thing’s Audience Segmentation process built us a rich understanding of RCS Sound Software’s target customers. Using digital research and social listening tools we first established discrete target audiences, promoting key web site pages through our Social Media MarketingThrough analysis of the web pages viewed, we were then able to build high-intent social media remarketing audiences. 

Content promotional assets were remarketed to these high-intent audiences, consisting of large broadcasting organisations, radio stations and key sector influencers, driving high-quality audience traffic to RCS Sound Software’s website. 

This smarter approach to audience targeting results in higher clickthrough rates driving a highly-efficient spend, with the improved quality of the traffic resulting in higher-quality of leads generated.  

"The passionate project team at That Media Thing are a pleasure to work with, always going the extra mile to deliver meaningful results. That Media Thing ran a highly efficient paid social media marketing campaign, laser-targeting the audiences that mattered most. This resulted in a high-percentage of click throughs to destination pages, subsequently delivering solid and measurable returns on our investment."

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