Must TV Social Media Marketing

Slick animations and smart targeting built a high-quality audience of service users

The challenge

Must TV tasked That Media Thing to give a voice to it’s enhanced service offering, and build a community of regularly engaged users.

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Must TV Social Media Marketing in-line 2

Must TV is a digital service that helps consumers find the best content that matches their needs from the huge range of streamers and broadcasters now available. Having recently launched, though, the service was yet to establish a loyal user-base – and with limited launch funds, we needed to do this as smartly as possible. 

Catching the eye of the target audience demanded compelling promotional narratives and high-impact designs, which we applied to both static and animated social media Ads. Combined with our Smart Audience Targeting we were able to connect with a high-quality audience that chose Must TV’s enhanced TV Guide offering over the many media sites dominating their daily dose of TV choices. 

As part of a fuller Content Marketing Program, TMT served narrow audience profiles strategically targeted and entertaining communications delivering highly engaged audience traffic to Must TV’s website. Not only did we drive significant and continuous growth in traffic, but the quality of engagement in terms of pages viewed, time on site and returning users was exceptional. 

"That Media Thing’s ability to run highly efficient paid social media marketing campaigns, laser-targeting the audiences that mattered most to Must TV, cut through the noise of the dominant TV media sites, and gave a voice to Must TV’s enhanced service offering. Coupled with its slick, on-brand designs for promotional assets, TMT delivered a continuously growing volume of high-quality community users to Must TV's site."

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