Must TV Smart Audience Targeting

Cutting through the noise to engage the highest quality social media audience

The challenge

Must TV tasked That Media Thing to cut through the noise of the dominant TV media sites and build a community of regularly engaged users for it’s enhanced service offering. That Media Thing built high-intent remarketing audiences to narrowly target through its highly-efficient social media marketing.

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Must TV is a digital service that helps consumers find the best content that matches their needs from the huge range of streamers and broadcasters now available. One of our biggest challenges was to connect with a loyal user-base that would choose its enhanced TV Guide offering over the many media sites dominating their daily dose of TV choices. 

That Media Thing’s decades of online media publishing experience informed website optimisations and our Smart Audience Targeting techniques were deployed to continuously optimise the performance of our Social Media Marketing. Understanding what motivates decision-makers was key to forming high-intent audiences for Must TV.

TMT’s strategic formula proved hugely successful in engaging with the communities that responded best to the promise of Must TV’s service. The highly targeted and expertly informed communications strategy delivered high-quality audience traffic to Must TV’s website, resulting in a highly engaged and continuously growing  audience of service users.

"That Media Thing is a uniquely qualified agency, skilfully combining modern marketing tools and informed narratives to drive meaningful results. The social media campaigns that they ran on our behalf showed their skill in being able to target our audience with a combination of traffic acquisition and audience remarketing. TMT surpassed our expectations delivering solid results that we could build upon with confidence."

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