Must TV Article Creation

Creating optimised content for Must TV to strengthen SEO and social media campaign performance

The challenge

Must TV tasked That Media Thing with improving its core content pages to keep visitors engaged for longer with more meaningful interactions. Ultimately, we needed to encourage them to learn more about what the platform offers, and drive the sign-up of user accounts.

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Every element of a web page is an exercise in conversion: the title of a page must encourage the visitor to read the first sentence, the first sentence must encourage them to read the second, and so on. Competition is fierce in the TV listings/content discovery market where Must TV operates, so That Media Thing’s expert journalists helped the team create and optimise content/landing pages to retain a greater number of their website visitors.

With TMT’s Smart Audience Targeting system driving qualified traffic via Social Media Marketing, this optimisation was achieved through a mix of SEO and on-page improvements. Our expert journalists helped Must TV to build stronger journeys between key pieces of content, combatting page abandonment (with relevant CTAs and content crosslinks), and ultimately funnelling interested users down to the website’s sign up page.

"It was no small task asking That Media Thing to cut through the noise of the dominant TV media sites, and to give a voice to Must TV’s enhanced service offering. But Team TMT did not disappoint, surpassing our expectations and delivering solid results that we could build upon with confidence. I would have no hesitation in recommending this uniquely qualified and creative agency."

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