insightsoftware Smart Audience Targeting

Connecting with a highly knowledgeable niche audience of senior decision-makers

The challenge

insightsoftware needed to engage with a highly knowledgeable niche audience to raise awareness of and drive purchase consideration of its highly specialised enterprise financial products. That Media Thing built high-intent remarketing audiences to narrowly target through its highly-efficient social media marketing.

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Understanding what motivates decision-makers when considering enterprise-level financial software solutions was key to forming high-intent audiences for insightsoftware so that we could drive high-quality traffic while keeping a keen eye on ROI.

Our Audience Research and Segmentation process informed our strategic approach to Social Media Marketing, with analysis of the actions taken by the audience traffic enabling us to build narrow social media profiles to target. Remarketing to these high-intent audiences drives highly efficient spend with improved traffic quality generating higher-quality leads.

This was a different approach to what the internal team at insightsoftware was used to, and they quickly saw the benefits that our approach brought as the results speak for themselves. This highly targeted and expertly informed communications strategy delivered high-quality audience traffic to insightsoftware’s website, resulting in a highly engaged audience and prospective leads.

"That Media Thing is a uniquely qualified agency skillfully combining modern marketing tools to the benefit of insightsoftware’s strategic approach to B2B audience marketing through quality and highly effective audience engagement. That Media Thing left nothing to chance with its highly informed approach to researching the needs and wants of our target audience. The social media campaigns that they ran on our behalf showed their skill in being able to target our audience with a combination of traffic acquisition and audience remarketing. This was an approach we hadn’t taken before but has led to increased engagement with decision-makers through communications that really mattered to them."

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