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High-impact creatives cut through jargon to deliver complex product messaging with ease

The challenge

insightsoftware tasked That Media Thing with creating highly-specialised content to help drive product awareness and consideration within a highly knowledgeable niche audience.

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The target customers for insightsoftware’s corporate tax and transfer pricing products have complex needs that require authority and subject expertise to establish meaningful connections. Our Infographics were designed to translate complex and sometimes large amounts of detail into high-impact, image-led narratives in an easy and snackable format – perfect for the time-starved senior decision-makers we were targeting. 

Our subject expert journalists combined their own data research with client-supplied information to editorialise a creative narrative, which our design team transformed into a visually appealing and engaging design. All That Media Thing’s infographics are fully designed and illustrated from scratch, which provided insightsoftware with bespoke marketing assets while also strictly adhering to its brand guidelines.

As part of the full Content Marketing program, these high-impact and expertly informed creative assets helped us to connect well with the target audience via Social Media Marketing, with high-quality audience traffic delivered to insightsoftware’s website, resulting in a highly engaged audience and prospective leads.

"That Media Thing left nothing to chance with its highly informed approach to researching the needs and wants of our target audience, especially given the unique complexities and challenges to communicate the products we tasked them to promote. Of particular note was their ability to transcend jargon and complexity to deliver clear cut communications about the tangible business solutions our products could deliver, with clearly designed infographics helping us to engage senior decision-makers."

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