insightsoftware Content Marketing

Driving senior decision-makers to purchase consideration with expertly informed content

The challenge

insightsoftware recently acquired Longview, a company that produces highly specialised corporate tax and transfer pricing software, and tasked That Media Thing with building credible connections with narrowly-targeted audiences for purchase consideration.

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The target customers for insightsoftware’s corporate tax and transfer pricing products have complex needs that require authority and subject expertise to establish meaningful connections.

As with all our other successful Content Marketing Campaigns, we began with extensive Audience Research and Segmentation work to establish the target audience’s needs, pain points and any potential objections or obstacles to engagement. This informed our strategic approach to the content narrative, enabling us to propose Articles, Infographics and PDF downloads based on evidence that they would connect well with the target audience.

We then combined our Audience Research and Segmentation work together with our social follower analysis to build Smart Audience Targeting into our Social Media Marketing narrowly focussing on the audiences that mattered most to insightsoftware. 

This highly targeted and expertly informed communications strategy delivered high-quality audience traffic to insightsoftware’s website, resulting in a highly engaged audience and prospective leads.

"That Media Thing skilfully nurtured our potential customers from initial awareness of our service offerings through to purchase consideration with strategic content driving the audience deeper into a credible dialogue with us. They created a campaign that truly reflected the needs and interests of our target audience, infused with expert insight and authority that led to potential customers enquiring about our products. Their desire to understand us and our ways of working, coupled with a passion for communicating clear success KPIs up the chain of command, led us to consider That Media Thing as a true extension of our internal marketing team."

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