insightsoftware Article Creation

Expertly informed authentic storytelling created meaningful connections with enterprise BDMs

The challenge

insightsoftware tasked That Media Thing with creating highly-specialised content to build credible connections with potential customers.

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That Media Thing drew upon its extensive experience with financial services clients and its subject expert journalists to take on this challenge. Our Audience Research and Segmentation process established the target audience’s needs, pain points and obstacles to engagement, informing our strategic approach to the content narrative. 

We wrapped the key benefits of insightsoftware’s products into stories that resonated on a human-interest level, informed by data insights from our Smart Audience Targeting. Topical talking points and innovative solutions positioned insightsoftware as a thought leader and a game changer in its industry, engendering emotive connections with the highly knowledgeable and niche audience.

The quality and authority of our articles was highly noted, which is a testament to our robust approach to combining audience data insights with highly qualified subject expert journalists rather than use in-house copywriters.

As part of a fuller Content Marketing program, we nurtured the target business communities with a regular cadence of authentic storytelling, driving credible connections and greater engagement from potential new and existing customers to insightsoftware’s website.

"That Media Thing left nothing to chance with its highly informed approach to researching the needs and wants of our target audience, especially given the unique complexities and challenges to communicate the products we tasked them to promote. Of particular note was their ability to transcend jargon and complexity to deliver clear cut communications about the tangible business solutions our products could deliver. The team delivered human-interest stories authored by subject expert journalists that got to the heart of the stories needing to be told within our target business communities, helping us to engage senior decision-makers with highly informed and topical talking points. That Media Thing is a uniquely qualified agency that not only understands insightsoftware and its products intimately, but it also delivers journalistic integrity to all the content they deliver."

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