Imagen Newsletters

Building a community of engaged customers and potential leads

The challenge

To deliver a newsletter designed to connect with and build a following of regularly engaged industry community members.

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If there are some basic rules of newsletter delivery, they are: write a great subject line, offer something of value to your reader, and drive readers to your website.

That Media Thing developed and delivered a newsletter for Imagen that offered bespoke industry analysis/insights that was tailored to its four target audience segments. Crucially, each item in the newsletter featured brand new ‘capsule’ content on core subjects of interest. This encouraged readers to click through to a website hosted article or PDF resource (also provided by TMT) for more information and insight.

With tracking in place, a follow-up newsletter could then be sent two weeks after the main newsletter, tailored to reflect the clickthrough interest of the recipient. E.g. click on Subject A in the main newsletter and you get an email follow-up all about Subject A. Both newsletters were promoted on the website through contextual CTAs, which were created and added to all historical and current site content, as well as social media.

"That Media Thing helped translate the features and benefits of our platform into compelling arguments that made potential customers sit up and listen. TMT are great to work with. They are fast and responsive, at times challenging our own assumptions, as well as presenting qualified arguments for trying new and innovative approaches that have delivered measurable results."

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