Imagen Infographics

Communicating the value of digital asset management in fresh, eye-catching ways

The challenge

Imagen wanted its video management platform to be considered as an essential tool. That Media Thing was tasked with presenting the key benefits of Imagen’s approach to digital asset management in a visually interesting way that was easier to consume and ultimately share.

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Imagen Infographics Inline 1

When producing infographic content, it’s all too easy to be constrained by templated layouts that simply communicate a string of statistics. With Imagen, TMT wanted to be more experimental and innovative, producing a series of high-impact visual ‘stories’ that used a diverse mix of visual styles to engage and entertain the audience.

Our creative solutions ranged from infographics that played with typography to depictions of fantastic ‘content machines’ and a treatment that visualised Imagen’s competitors in a colourful media management Grand Prix (complete with tiny cars). Each infographic was expertly researched by our domain expert writers and designed from scratch by our talented art team, adhering to the client’s brand guidelines.

Used as part of a compelling mix of content formats in a Content Marketing Program, the measure of our success went beyond the significant volume of high-quality site traffic, helping to also drive growth in product demo and meeting requests.

"That Media Thing helped translate the features and benefits of our platform into compelling designs that made potential customers sit up and listen."

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