Brandstand Social Media Marketing

Engaging with a wide variety of decision-makers across European hospitality

The challenge

Brandstand tasked That Media Thing with creating a strong and growing presence across Europe. The diversity of cultures and nuances in each country’s hospitality sector presented challenges to a feet on the ground approach. That Media Thing leveraged common needs and interests to coordinate targeted Social Media Marketing for effective connections with decision-makers at a local level.

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The innovative benefits of Brandstand’s in-room technology products needed to connect with the hearts and minds of European hospitality industry decision-makers. That Media Thing’s approach was to drive a high-intent audience to Brandstand’s website, nurturing meaningful actions and ultimately generating leads.

Through our Smart Audience Targeting, TMT carefully curated social media audiences that we knew would resonate well with our key messaging. The slick, on-brand designs for our static and moving image promotional assets nurtured a high-percentage of click-throughs to Brandstand’s destination pages. 

As part of a fuller Content Marketing program, the results of this highly targeted and expertly informed communications strategy delivered high-quality audience traffic to Brandstand’s website, resulting in a flow of regular leads contributing to tangible growth opportunities within the European region.

"Nothing was left to chance in terms of understanding the target audience, how to reach them, and what narratives would resonate most effectively. "

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