Brandstand Smart Audience Targeting

Efficiently targeting decision-makers across European hospitality

The challenge

Understanding what motivates decision-makers across the European hotel and hospitality industry was key to forming high-intent audiences that delivered high-quality leads, and all with a keen eye on efficiency of promotional spend. 

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Brandstand Smart Audience Inline 1

As part of a full Content Marketing program, we wrapped the key benefits delivered by Brandstand’s products in articles and infographics that resonated on a human interest and emotive level. Through the analysis of the actions taken by the content’s audience, we qualified their interests enabling us to build high-intent social media audiences. 

Remarketing to these qualified audiences not only results in better informed narratives, higher clickthrough rates are generated from highly-efficient spend, and the improved quality of the leads generated resulting in a higher percentage of people actually performing the actions the client wants of them.

This highly-informed version of Intent Marketing underpinned our success in the Social Media Marketing we delivered for Brandstand, with both efficiencies in spend analysis and unique audience insights helping to inform our ongoing strategy.

"That Media Thing's reliance on data and intelligent analysis of the audience engagement provided us with confidence that these guys knew exactly what they were doing and were able to keep us abreast of things in terms that were meaningful to us also."

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