Brandstand Design & Illustration

Making technology products shine for hospitality business decision makers

The challenge

Brandstand tasked us with portraying its hospitality technology products in ways that placed them at the heart of the guest room experience. We needed to create and source infographics, brand-appropriate lifestyle photography, and eye-catching social media posts for engaging the target audience with our product awareness campaigns.

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With a strong illustration, you can convey an idea in a few seconds, when it might take 200 words to explain the same thing in text. Meanwhile, a great photo won’t just catch the eye, it can speak volumes about a brand’s identity, its beliefs and values.

For Brandstand, That Media Thing regularly provided high-impact visuals that ranged from bespoke infographic illustrations to engaging photo annotations, supported by striking social media creatives (static and animated; produced across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram).

"I would recommend That Media Thing as a highly personable team of expert communicators and inspired creatives, whose desire to succeed on our behalf is a refreshing approach to professionalism that works on so many levels."

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