Brandstand Article Creation

Increasing brand awareness and engaging with European hotel chains using targeted content

The challenge

Brandstand’s innovative approach to in-room technology products, designed to enhance the guest experience, has proven a hit with the USA hotel and hospitality industry. That Media Thing was engaged to help Brandstand connect and engage with new audiences in the European hospitality industry.

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Getting the content strategy right for a client involves creating engaging content that takes prospective customers down a pathway from general ‘Awareness’ to more in-depth ‘Consideration’, tackling their core pain points and objections along the way.

The process always starts with in-depth audience research. In this case, we looked at customer personas, key sectors and existing target audiences in the US and EMEA regions. We also analysed existing product messaging, looked at competitor activity/threats and conducted social listening to inform the key pain points, buying triggers and scenarios that could be targeted by TMT-authored content. 

As part of a fuller Content Marketing Program powered by Social Media Marketing, the results of this highly targeted and expertly informed communications strategy delivered high-quality audience traffic to Brandstand’s website, resulting in a flow of regular leads contributing to tangible growth opportunities within the European region that we ran the campaign.

"Their passion for story-telling was at the heart of how we saw our European marketing communications extending Brandstand’s human connections beyond the face to face. I would recommend That Media Thing as a highly personable team of expert communicators and inspired creatives, whose desire to succeed on our behalf is a refreshing approach to professionalism that works on so many levels."

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