ASUS Article Creation

Raising awareness of ASUS' B2B products through resourceful content

The challenge

Already a well-known and respected manufacturer in B2C markets, ASUS wanted to improve brand awareness and drive lead generation for its wide range of B2B products. This began with a focus on ASUS large format displays and digital signage solutions, but ultimately expanded to include ASUS Mini PC, Wi-Fi, motherboard and server product categories.

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Instead of partnering with a traditional media site to attract traffic, That Media Thing built two dedicated websites for ASUS to host a series of product-specific content. 

The first of these, ‘Display Insights’, used a combination of case studies, trend analysis and news articles (supported by a regular newsletter) to highlight and promote ASUS large format display (LFD) products. The aim? To communicate the benefits of digital signage to target audiences across retail, hospitality, sports & leisure, events & exhibitions, corporate, education and healthcare sectors.

The second (and much larger) website, ‘ASUS Business Hub’, ultimately replaced Display Insights, expanding the content focus to cover Mini PC, motherboards and server product categories. With TMT’s Smart Audience Targeting platform driving traffic, visitors would land on general awareness articles, before moving through to deeper consideration content (case studies and PDF downloads) and finally product landing pages, with opportunities to capture email addresses along this journey.

"That Media Thing's content marketing strategy generated awareness of ASUS business products in a way we could not have achieved through traditional marketing solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending this uniquely qualified and creative agency."

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