Informed Content Marketing

That Media Thing doesn’t just create content – we create content that serves the needs of your target audience, kick-starting a dialogue between your brand and your consumers.

Social listening is core to our understanding of what drives your target audience. But we don’t just blindly follow data insights, our experienced editors are also your subject experts and incorporate data into their content making decisions along with their journalistic nouse.

The informed content data also enables us to efficiently promote to your most influential peer groups, earning authentic reach and amplification through their social feeds.

Reaching out to the right communities with the right content is what we do.

Clients like that we’re different

"That Media Thing took on the challenge of promoting Fraedom's card transaction management software to financial institutions with expert authority. Their creative flair in storytelling through journalistic-styled articles coupled with clearly-designed infographics helped us to engage senior decision-makers with highly-informed and topical talking points.

Their skill with our social media accounts, which they used to promote the site content to our target audience, highlighted their ability at mastering our brand tone and style while they increased engagement with decision-makers through communications that really mattered to them.

We knew That Media Thing was a fairly small agency, but their passion and creativity shone through from our first meeting and we immediately knew that we'd get both a personable and professional service that always aimed to deliver above our expectations."

Nick Hinds - Global Marketing Manager - Fraedom

The client


The goal

Improve industry profile and brand

Brand site monthly traffic


LinkedIn Followers growth

UP 129%

Twitter Followers growth

UP 250%

The solution

Fraedom’s B2B financial products required a highly detailed level of understanding and expert handling for That Media Thing to successfully embark upon an authentic audience engagement campaign. Extensive research and client consultation enabled us to develop a highly-informed content and social media strategy that would both educate Fraedom’s target audience as well as raise the profile of Fraedom’s authority for banking sector products.

At the end of our first quarter of campaign activity, That Media Thing had increased peer group Twitter followers growth by 250%, with the senior decision-making LinkedIn followers growth increasing by 129%. This helped increase traffic to the Fraedom website published content by over 200% with an 80% increase in new visitors/potential new customers for Fraedom’s products and services.

Clear communication of Fraedom’s banking product benefits through the use of professionally designed infographics