Your content should create an impression not just impressions

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Ian Robson

29th October 2015

The truth is that an ad blocking user is still a user, possibly even more valuable to you given that they’re tech savvy consumers that place a high net worth in their content of choice.

Ad blocking users are also more likely to help you earn social amplification as they’re high volume social sharers with high volume peer groups that you would bite off your right arm to reach. So don’t for one minute take your finger off the pulse in creating the best quality, informed content that you can, it always pays to create an impression far more than simply creating impressions!

We argue that you should embrace the ad blocking users as some of your best content consumers, especially as they’ve chosen to take ownership of their content consumption like no other. But how do you find these as well as other super influencers and talk to them on their terms?

Discover your audience

One of the key strategies we adopt at That Media Thing is to incorporate an audience discovery phase in our content marketing, whereby we interrogate the feeds of market sector influencers, identify trending talking points and establish long keyword phrases that we can take ownership of. This enables us to create content that seamlessly integrates with existing socially shared conversations, as well as attain high indexing for SEO at the head of the trending content search curves.

“You should embrace the ad blocking users as some of your best content consumers”

Ideally content should be well-informed and personalised for influencer interests, while also tackling the emotional needs and wants of the ultimate target audience. Getting all this right with a flair for entertaining prose will maximise your chances for earning social amplification amongst highly pertinent peer groups. You just can’t buy that sort of efficient audience targeting so embrace the passionate users that can give it to you with a content strategy that serves them wholeheartedly.

Ultimately, you should be looking to create an impression with the right type of audience that you can build a trusting and solid relationship with. The rest will follow in their steps!

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