How the right content creates a trusted voice for your brand

build brand loyalty

Henry Tucker

15th December 2015

Content that shows off what your brand stands for can come in many different formats. Whilst trying to solve a minor domestic dilemma the other week I came across some that shows how the right content can build brand loyalty.

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve done my own washing. It all started when I asked my mum to wash a particular shirt and she showed me how to use the washing machine instead of doing it for me. Then, when I was married, I did my share of the washing and, now it’s just me and my children, I have to do it all!

This has all been good, but just recently I’ve noticed that some of the washing has a damp smell after it’s dried, which is not good. So I did some research online to see what could be causing this and how I could deal with it.

This is all a perfect example of content marketing. Here you have a site that is clearly a trusted voice giving away advice for free.

My searching soon took me to a site hosted by Persil, the washing detergent brand. I initially found this article about how to clean a smelly washing machine, which has got some great tips and advice that as a typical bloke like me needed. I generally just shove the washing in on the same setting. It featured tips such as running your machine empty on the hottest cycle to give it a wash, something that seems obvious to me now.

I then found other articles on dealing with smelly washing and it is all really useful. The site has lots of advice on all things to do with washing and is a great example of a brand knowing what it’s audience wants and how it can engage with them. There is a section where it lists its products, but the majority of the site is dedicated to helping you out for free.

This is all a perfect example of content marketing. Here you have a site that is clearly a trusted voice, after all it’s a company that makes washing products, giving away advice for free so that you not only read the articles, but you come back again when you have other issues and you are likely to share the articles with friends and therefore build brand loyalty.

It’s certainly a site I’ve bookmarked, it has advice about stain removal and having two children I will, no doubt, be needing that at some time in the future. Oh and yes my clothes smell really good now.