5 inspiring campaigns to learn from


Ian Robson

19th May 2017

Overcome apathy, cynicism and alienation with relevant content that instantly connects

Here at That Media Thing, we’re always looking for positive impact inspiration and these following campaigns captured our attention for all the right reasons:

Reflect the target audience

S3’s Public Health Wales campaign had a tough audience to connect with. The simple stupid approach was to present inspirational photography starring women just like those the ‘get healthy’ campaign was targeting. But S3 took this further, interviewing women in the community prepared to share their stories publically in the hope that others would be inspired into positive action.

Public Health Wales’ ‘Do it your way’ campaign created advocates out of the target audience.

Positive news-jacking

Dovetailing a tragic story, such as the cyber-attack against the NHS, for your own agenda is just not cool. At best it starts a toxic conversation with your intended audience. At worst it could generate an indiscriminate backlash from your intended audience, within a self-propagating self-righteous peer group.

Hotels.com’s Captain Mascot leads a joyous dance with heartfelt smiles all round

You may think Ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky simply created a joyous homage to La La Land for Hotels.com. But it didn’t just blithely copy the feel good factor of the box office smash, it added a level of poking fun that brings its audience in on the joke and leaves them full of knowing smiles.

Deliver authentic authority

Lead by an unswerving integrity and with a passion for good quality content, Shaun Weston steers BankNXT with an iron fist. One of the leading lights in the fintech blog space, unafraid of delivering both complex information and challenging opinion that financial professionals can trust. It’s a rare breed in that its backers – Backbase – are not seen to overtly promote themselves or benefit from the audience directly. But as an audience development platform, Backbase has nurtured a rich seam of highly-targeted professionals in their target sector providing them with an intimate understanding of what makes them tick and why.

Shaun Weston runs BankNXT with a level of content autonomy that underpins the site’s authenticity.

Language led by data

Healthcare marketing treads a fine line between exploitation of highly tangible emotions and genuine sentiment when conveying the benefits of a well-designed service. Optum took no chances with its “How well gets done” campaign, leveraging extensive data and analytics to understand the most appropriate language for communication. Interestingly, this campaign was designed not to reach out to potential patients, but instead to the community of health system buyers and influencers. It’s with little surprise that this community responded positively to a company prepared to listen to its needs and respond to its wants in a fashion perfectly aligned to the final beneficiaries.

Optum’s Day One videos are well-informed messages of hope and resilience to a healthcare community crying out for greater integrity.

Inspired by heroes 

Influencer marketing comes in many forms. Uber brands like Adidas are synonymous with leveraging sporting heroes to inspire fitness fanatics and place its products on pedestals of worshipfulness. But for its GamePlan A campaign, the goal is not to lead readers to purchase running shoes but to transform ordinary working lives through a unifying culture. Its message for tackling “work-life with an athlete’s heart” is hugely accessible for all, expunging any negative elitist attitude you may associate with Adidas while never devaluing it – a heroic achievement indeed!

Triathlon tips to take you through your work week connects athletic ability with business aspiration for all.

If you’ve been inspired by these innovative approaches to positive audience engagement, talk to That Media Thing about the story you want to tell to your customers contact@thatmediathing.com